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Gyro Gale is a family owned and operated business for stabilizing boats from 36 feet to 160 feet. The company was founded in Stuart, FL the sailfish capital. Being on the water is nothing new and part of a daily life. Gyro Gale was founded in 1976, and till this very day growing and continuously innovating the world’s only air operated stabilizers. We’ve successfully stabilized every make and model yacht within our reach. Our ultimate goal is to have the best customer service on any boat our stabilizers are put on, our units do not destruct, obstruct, or hinder any performance aspect of the vessels original design, if any we make it better. We stand behind our product 200%.That’s a guarantee!

Gyro Gale has the capabilities to stabilize your fine yacht with:

2-fin units – Vessels under 46 feet

4-fin units (Quadra-Fin system) – Vessels 48 feet – 85 feet

6-fin units (Multi-Fin systems) – Vessels above 90 feet


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