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Gyro-Gale Stabilizers

Components of Our Gyro Stabilizers for Boats and Yachts

Gyro-Gale Stabilizers offers several gyro stabilizer models that powerhouse active fins using NOTHING BUT CLEAN AIR. We are the only boat stabilizer system in the world that is pneumatic, gyro controlled, has active fins, works at zero-speed, anchor, cruising speeds, and ultra-high-speeds. Gyro-Gale Stabilizers’ inner components are very slim and compact enough to fit even under a bunk. Our fin designs are sleek and intricate, leaving room for minimal drag and trapping more of that green water between our four-fin and six-fin stabilizer systems to give you that added lift for speed, all while reducing pitching motions.

As the world’s only pneumatic stabilizer, Gyro-Gale Stabilizers do not require messy hydraulics, are non-flammable, low-maintenance, easy to comprehend, safe, and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, because air has no viscosity, it travels at a much faster rate than oil, while requiring less pressure. Thus, the messages from our gyros are able to reach our fins at a much faster rate, resulting in faster reaction, faster fins, and ultimately faster stabilization. Additionally, Gyro-Gale Stabilizers have a much shorter start up time. Where other stabilizer systems require a minimum of 30-45 MINUTES to start up, Gyro-Gale Stabilizers start up in as much as 15 SECONDS. At Gyro-Gale Stabilizers … we stop the roll before it starts.

Gyro-Gale Stabilizers was introduced to the market in 1976; now with thousands of installations worldwide, many of which for repeat customers and yacht manufacturers. In fact, one yacht manufacturer installed 61 systems on their distinguished high speed 76′ to 80′ luxury yacht line. Gyro-Gale Stabilizers offers luxury yacht stabilizers, boat stabilizers, ship stabilizers, motor catamaran stabilizers, planning hull stabilizers, displacement hull stabilizers, trawler stabilizers, and sport fishing boat stabilizers that effectively eliminate roll, list, and pitch motions, particularly in quartering seas.

Our customers may choose from a range of Gyroscopes:

Electronic Gyro for Pitch, Roll, and List Control

Electronic Gyro for Roll & List Control

Electronic Gyro for Pitch Control

Mechanical Gyro

And may choose from a variety of Fin Models:


Ultra-High-Speed Fin