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The World's Most Advanced & Intelligent Stabilizers Our fins to this day have never reduced the speed of a vessel, yet maintained or in special cases increased the vessel's speed.


Gyro-Gale Stabilizers' sea trial of the NEW Electronic Gyro and NEW Tab-Fin in 3-5ft seas on Lazzara 76-08.

A short clip of some of our fine yachts.

See a quick video about our Electronic Gyro and the fast correction speed of our Gyro-Gale Stabilizers.

Learn more about our Mechanical Gyro and why it's been so great all these years, with thousand of installations worldwide.

See a quick demonstration regarding the operation of the Gyro-Gale Stabilizer system.

Learn more about the setup and function of the Gyro-Gale Stabilizer unit and its components.

Gyro-Gale's New Tab-Fin on Demo Unit.

Gyro-Gale's Ultra-High-Speed Fin on Demo Unit.