Pneumatic Stabilizers

Easy Install Total Comfort  Clean Energy The Fastest  Response Underway & At Anchor

The Pneumatic Stabilizer

Gyro-Gale’s fast acting stabilizers stops the roll before it even begins. Gyro-Gale Stabilizers are smooth, quiet, and extremely reliable. The stabilizer system comprises the latest advanced pneumatic equipment and devices. These components when interconnected provide the simplest, yet most advanced and efficient stabilizing system. The compressibility of air automatically adjusts the reaction of the stabilizing motion exerted on the yacht by the fins. Thus, producing a very pleasant and smooth ride. The safety factor of using Gyro-Gale is undeniable, best of all, due to the medium pressure, it is rare that you would break an air tube, but if you ever do, it is just filtered dry air!

Principles of the GG System

  1. All Components are lightweight and have their own mounting brackets
  2. Components are connected with non-abrasive, heavy-duty color-coded D.O.T tubing
  3. Tubing lengths can be cut on-site for perfect fit and finish
  4. Stabilizer mounting plates do not require for excessive hull modifications or strengthening
  5. DIY capable installations – Gyro-Gale provides a very detailed and thorough manual.
Reliability & Safety
  1. Substantially lower operating pressures (100-120PSI) – thus resulting in less stress on equipment
  2. A break in the air system would only result in dry air escaping
  3. Non-flammable or messy hot oil to handle
  4. If an air leak were to occur, the stabilizer system can still be operated to some degree of efficiency till repair can be made in port
  5. Break-Away fin design – Allows for complete detachment of stabilizer fin without the fear of sinking vessel
  1. The low viscosity of air allows it to be pumped through the system at a very fast rate
  2. Measured in mere tenths of seconds – The Gyro-Gale stabilizer system is fully 40% faster than a hydraulic system
  3. Faster response time means stopping the roll before it even begins
  4. Cushioned ride equating to a far superior comfortable ride
  5. No jerky delayed stabilization
  1. An unlimited supply of air allows for ample time for testing and correcting any issues
  2. Color-coded tubing allows for ease of finding tubing ends from compartment to compartment
  3. The system may be turned on or off while at any speed
  4. No electrical components to measure or test with volt-meters
  5. Step-by-step manual or directly calling the factory to get first-hand assistance


The amount of air required to operate the Gyro-Gale Stabilizers ranges from 16-34 cfm at 120 psi depending on the size of the vessel. The compressor may be motor-driven, belt-driven, or directly coupled to the main engine. For Gyro-Gale Stabilizers’ ZeroSpeed Stabilization, an electrically driven compressor is used to eliminate the need for running the engines at anchor. Gyro-Gale Stabilizers offer various types of compressors to suit the various installations.