When it comes to your boat, all your equipment must be functioning for an enjoyable trip. What does this mean? Reliability is top priority, as you want your guests to be as comfortable on your trip as possible. Boat stabilizers that are air powered, air operated call it what you want, offer total reliability and comfortability.

We took pneumatic power to a whole other level. The best stabilization you can achieve on your trawler yacht, semi-displacement yacht, motor yacht or power catamaran is a combination of speed and power.

The speed of air is, without question, a much faster fluid than hydraulics. From the time of motion to the response time of fin action, air is at the piston ready to push before hydraulics.

Where does the air operated stabilizer system get its power from? A combination of:

Let’s dive into air-operated features that we use in our daily lives, vehicle air ride suspension, tires, air bags – all are designed to bring you comfort while operating on uneven roads.

Just like the uneven road, you operate your vessel on uneven water. Each fin acts independently on the water. Because the air is springy, the pressure of the water against each fin is different, and the air will naturally travel to each fin depending on how much power it needs to stabilize the vessel. This is spectacularly phenomenal, as it happens in a split second to provide a very comfortable, cushioned ride.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of installing pneumatic boat stabilizers on your vessel.

Less Energy Required

Air-powered stabilizers use less power to run. Air has a lower viscosity than oil, which is used in hydraulic setups. This means these stabilizers use less energy overall. They also produce less heat, once again reducing the energy usage on your boat.

Cleaner Energy

With a hydraulic unit, there is always the risk of oil leakage, and we all know that oil has a very detrimental effect on the environment. It also can ignite on your boat should a leak occur. Air poses no environmental risks, even in the event of leakage, so you can cruise happily, knowing you are doing what is best for the planet.

Less Weight

As you know, you want to keep the weight down on your boat, so you can optimize speed and fuel efficiency. An air-powered boat stabilizer system weighs much less than the traditional hydraulic system, making your boat much more efficient.

Simple Maintenance

Air-powered systems only require maintenance every 400 hours of use, or every two years, whichever comes first. This maintenance is a simple change of a few filters.

In contrast, hydraulic systems require complete seal replacements, which is much more in-depth maintenance. The fins on a hydraulic system are larger and heavier, so any maintenance that needs to be done is much harder to do and most often requires assistance and time.

Low-Profile Fin Options for Pneumatic Boat Stabilizers

Fin placement is a very important to achieve the best performance. With the Gyro-Gale brand the internal fin equipment height is 3”. So finding the ideal locations does not mean you can no longer have your shower, dresser or lose valuable space. You won’t even know they are there.

Choose Gyro-Gale’s Proprietary Air-Powered Boat Stabilizers For Clean, Efficient Stabilization

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