When you are looking to replace or add boat stabilizers to your vessel, air powered stabilizers by Gyro-Gale offer a lot of benefits – from the robust equipment that have been effective for decades to the major design upgrade that took place with tab-fins. 

With every step forward, we are customer and results driven, asking how will our products handle the harsh environment for many years to come, and how will the customer be able to service it. If a failure occurs during an open water cruise, can we provide a product that can still be operational although not 100% effective? We answered those questions and designed a product that makes those answers as consumer-friendly as possible.

Our equipment is simple to maintain, uses cleaner energy, weighs less than traditional stabilizers, and offers a low-profile fin option. The brain of the stabilizer system was originally an air-driven gyro wheel. In 2013, we had developed and released our first electronic gyro system (EGS). The EGS does have a slight advantage, as the sensors are installed much higher in the vessel. It is also capable of measuring roll, yaw, and pitch and is able to correct them all simultaneously.

Gyro-Gale stabilizers have different fin designs, based on the boat’s specifications.

Cruiser Fins

Cruiser fins are made for vessels whose top speed does not exceed 16 knots, such as trawlers or fishing vessels. They offer excellent stability, which is essential in smaller boats. They are optimized for slower speeds, hence why they are only good for vessels going up to 16 knots.

Ultra High Speed (UHS) Fins

The UHS fins are made to work on vessels that go over 18 knots. Thus far, they have been installed on boats that go up to 38 knots, so they are very versatile. They are great because they do not over correct, reduce your speed, or create vibration, and they are designed for your boat to achieve maximum speeds. These are great if you cruise at higher speeds and do not want to see your fuel burn increase.


Tab-fins are highly versatile and can be used on any speed of boat. Compared to conventional fins of similar sizes, these fins produce up to 3 times the lift! Tab-fins create a lot of stability when anchored or underway, so they are great if you enjoy fishing or like to stop and take a swim when you cruise around.

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