Digital Controller

  • Our latest technological advancements in vessel motion control. Developed in 2012, capable of detecting the slightest rolling motion while you are on the hook in a beautiful bay 
  • Command the stabilizer fins to hold a given position to keep your vessel from swaying and heeling over in following seas or quartering following seas.
  • Quickly delivering the message to the stabilizer fins to take on the short choppy waters or the big rollers in open ocean cruising.

The R5 & R6 Models Fully automated to give you the most comfortable experience while open water cruising and for at anchor stabilization.

The P7 Model measures roll & pitch motions for power catamarans. Automated to detect the stronger of the rolling or pitching motion and immediately switch the stabilizer system to control that motion. Your power cat no longer needs to be unstable. An All-Surface Control System that keeps you and all your guests aboard your power cat very comfortable and stabilized.