Fin Stabilizers Can Improve Boat Speed and Performance

Whether you are an experienced boat owner or a new yachtsman, you likely understand the importance of a topnotch boat roll stabilization system. However, it is also just as important to use boat stabilizers that don?t cause performance to suffer.

Hydraulic Fins Cause Drag and Slow Your Boat

Most boat fins on the market today use hydraulics to stabilize your vessel and counteract roll whether your boat is in motion or at rest. However, though they are the most commonly used fins, this system is not the best method for stabilization.

Hydraulic fins by design are quite large, slow in reaction time and producing drag. When fins change position, they are no longer centered to the hull, also creating drag.

It is quite common for boats with hydraulic fins to lose two to three knots of speed because of their bulk and ?autopilot? mode. Their large exteriors are also more susceptible to costly damage. Most boat owners are unaware that they have options for fin stabilizers that are able to not only help you get the speeds you desire out of your cruiser, while improving performance and efficiency.

Maintain or Improve Performance With Active Fins

At Gyro-Gale Stabilizers, we have made it our business to improve your boat?s reaction to strong winds and waves while solving the issues caused by hydraulic fins. We developed our ultra-high-speed (UHS) fins over 25 years ago to meet market demands for high-performance boat fins that produce stabilization without the drag.

To help your boat ride higher while maintaining stabilization, we utilize multiple small fins instead of large hydraulic fins. By using two, four or six smaller active fins grouped together, our fins produce better results than our competitors.

Computer-operated fin systems adjust automatically so as not to have your boat list port or starboard. Our advanced pneumatically operated system allows your boat to stay balanced and aligned in the same direction as the hull is traveling, thereby reducing drag.

Most recently, one of our delighted customers noticed a speed increase of two knots on an 82? Sunseeker after installing our pneumatically operated fins. This is not an exception to the rule ? many of our customers who own luxury yachts have noticed an improvement in boat performance after upgrading to our UHS fins.

Active Fins Sold and Utilized Worldwide

Our fins are currently sold across the globe, and to date we have distributed just under 3,000 units that have provided the stability, comfort, and speed boat owners need for luxurious sailing.

Ready to improve your yacht stability and performance, so you can enjoy your time cruising on the sea? Contact Gyro-Gale Stabilizers in Stuart, Florida today for more information about our ultra-high-speed fins. After all, you want to rock ?n? roll on your boat, but you don?t want your boat to rock and roll.