As you enjoy the Florida weather, there is nothing like heading out with your yacht for a nice cruise out in the bay. However, it is important to note that there are many different components on your boat that help it navigate the waters safely, such as stabilizers.

While there are a few brands out there, one brand in particular that is head and shoulders above the rest, reducing rock and roll at anchor/zero-speed, high speed, and everything in between – all without slowing you down, costing more fuel and the easiest to retro-fit. Let me introduce you to Gyro-Gale and our Tab-Fin stabilizer technology.

The Tab-Fin stabilizer has a unique process. 

It is important for you to fully understand the process of how the Tab-Fin stabilizer works. The first thing that happens when you activate your compressor is that within a few seconds you have over +100 psi of air power under your fingertips ready for action! When you turn the air-switch on, the air is transferred from the air tank to the control unit and down to all the stabilizer fins to activate them. That air pressure then is used to drive the fins up or down, pushing against the water you are navigating through. This creates lift force to stop the vessel from rolling, keeping all those onboard very comfortable.

As the Tab-Fins do their job, what sets them apart from the traditional fins?

Our stabilizers have unique parts. 

Gyro-Gale’s pneumatic stabilizers are a brand of its own and have a lot of appeal because of their unique design. One of the most notable components of their design is the low profile of the inner fin assembly. Only 3 inches in height, each Tab-Fin has double acting pneumatic cylinders to deliver the right amount of power.

Another great product design is that Gyro-Gale’s Tab-Fins installs an outer plate and an inner plate as part of the fin assembly. The surface area of both those plates squeezes against the hull, creating a very strong structural bond with the vessel. This method means that no hull modification or hull strengthening is required.

Gyro-Gale uses the highest quality parts, including seals, bearings, stainless steel, delrin plastic, and everything in between,bringing all these parts together to operate for over 20 years. The Gyro-Gale stabilizer package is not a high-maintenance product; it is actually very simple to maintain. By following the maintenance schedule and replacing air filters on a 2-year interval or 400 hours of operation (whichever comes first), you can guarantee that every time you head out in open waters you have a product that’s only focus is to keep you and all your guests comfortable and safe!

Gyro-Gale’s stabilizers for boats exceed performance expectations compared to hydraulic systems. 

For the men, they enjoy the rough days as they are tales of glory to be told. The ladies and children would have a different tale to tell, so do them a favor. Have your vessel stabilized by the best in the business! Let those who want the smooth cruising and fun memorable days come back on board. When they are not there and it’s just the boys, turn the stabilizers off and go at it.

At Gyro-Gale, we sell the highest quality product for active fin stabilization for vessels including smaller trawlers, big trawlers, cruiser yachts, raised pilothouse yachts, and motor yachts. Trust the company that has been in business for over 42 years stopping vessel roll at anchor, slow and high speeds, roll motion, yaw motion, and pitch motion control.

Call us today at 772-283-1711 to discuss what we can provide for your vessel or request a quote online. Once you try our proprietary active fin gyro stabilizers, you’ll never install hydraulics again!