What better way to present pneumatically operated fin stabilizers than to put them to the test?

Here on this Kadey Krogen 36 Manatee, with a cruising speed of 7 knots, Gyro-Gale’s G1-Tab-Fin stabilizers must work extremely fast and efficiently to keep the owner operating safely and comfortable in these challenging sea conditions.

The Tab-Fins are very unique in that it has an articulating tail which rotates in the same direction as the main fin. So instead of traditional fins which can only push the water in 1-direction. The Tab-Fins drive the water in 2-directions, creating a very efficient lifting power that was never achieved before. The G1-Tab-Fins are 3.5sqft each and the articulating tail increases lift by an additional 30%.

From the very beginning of the sea trial we were hammered with a 20 knot wind on our beam and you can see how hard the club burgee flag was whipping through it.

Typically you’ll sea trial in the same sea state, you head out from protected waters and right into the rough consistent sea state do your testing and head back. Fortunately in this video, the sea state was changing as we went further out away from protected waters and we captured it all. From Flat seas all the way up to 5ft, short chop to rollers, long and short periods

This gives you a true and visual understanding of how effective and powerful air operated stabilizers are, which is contrary to the stigma that air is weak and cannot be used for marine stabilization. For 43 years Gyro-Gale has operated under the pneumatics banner and it will always prove 1 customer at a time that “Air really does work”. 

Watch the full sea trial.

Don’t just take our word for it. Come experience Gyro-Gale’s one-of-a-kind air-powered boat stabilizers for yourself!

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