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Operating Electronic Gyro

Operating The Electronic Gyro

A. Sensitivity

As the sensitivity of the gyro increases the greater the angle the fin will make. It calm waters the sensitivity should be low and as seas are rougher the sensitivity should be increased. While the vessel is anchored or traveling at very low speeds the sensitivity should be turned up to allow the fins to make a large motion to control the vessel. In summary, the faster the vessel goes the less angel the fins need to make. The slower the vessel traveling the larger the angel should be.

B. Pressure

The pressure knob should only be used to centralize both port and starboard pressure gauges.

C. List

The list knob is used to correct any listing of the vessel, what this does is allow the controls the hold the fins to a given position to stop the vessel from listing. The higher the value the large the angel the fins will make and hold to correct list.

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