Our Process:
How to Retrofit Our Gyro Stabilizers on Boats and Yachts

The process to fit an existing vessel with stabilizers or retrofitting in simple terms, can be an initial thought worth too many headaches. But fear not, Gyro Gale offers the lowest profile equipment in the industry. Finding available space has never been easier; it is trouble free and our stabilizers do not require the extra expense to reinforce the hull.

1) You’d send us a quote request with your vessels specs & Photos or drawings of your boat will help a great deal We analyze your boat and get back to you with which of our products best fit your boat and where the finish should be installed.

2) If those initial locations are consumed by tanks or other equipment we can move forward or aft accordingly. 

3) We then explain the simplicity of the installation and once all parties are satisfied with the process we then schedule the installation.

“A last item is how easy the installation was. You were always available to consult with and answer those questions that all first time installers have”

If, of course you want nothing to do with this process, we have over 40 years of experience and most certainly can come to your vessel, inspect, determine and come back to you with the procedure from A to Z.


We have our own specialized team that can:

  • Supervise
  • Consult via phone or email
  • Upgrades (Current customers)
  • Service equipment
  • Complete system installation

***Please feel free to call us to find out just how simple things can be.*