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Power Supply

The Power Supply for the Gyro-Gale Stabilizers

Dry and clean air at a minimum rate of 16 cfm and 120 psi is required to operate the system. There are various types of compressors. Generally, an engine mounted compressor offers a more compact installation as compared to the belt driven arrangement. A compressor/motor combination which sometimes has to be used are available. Electric driven compressors may be used for zero-speed stabilization to eliminate the need for running the engines at anchor.


Generally, these compressors are directly mounted on the main engine(s) and are lubricated and water cooled from the engine systems. Some vessels are already equipped with one compressor to operate the wind shield wiper or the air horn. In this case, an additional compressor is added to provide the necessary amount of air required to operate the stabilizer. A heat exchanger and an air dryer are used with the compressor to obtain the proper quality of air. The compressors have a free loading valve or pneumatic clutch, if there is no demand for air. Electrical clutches are also available.

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