Our Unique Proprietary Boat Stabilizers Improve Your Sailing Experience

We have a wide variety of stabilizer systems that upon receiving the specs of your vessel. We will size and specify which system will do the best job for your boat.

Our New Electronic Gyro:

Same design fits all, however the algorithm will vary from boat to boat and will be customized upon sea trial for the best stability and performance.
We offer 3 different types of fins:

1) Cruiser Fins: For vessels with a max speed of 16 knots.
These fins are perfect for trawlers

2) UHS Fins (Ultra High Speed): For vessels with speeds over 18 knots.
These fins have not hit a ceiling yet, the fastest boat these have been installed on was 38 knots. No over correcting, no vibration, no speed loss, perfectly designed for speed.

3) Tab-Fins: Our latest fin design, can be used for any vessel regardless of speed. Produces 3x the lift of a conventional fin of equal size. Great for at anchor stability, drift fishing or the avid sailor that goes out when others head in.

How will I power my stabilizers?

*minimum cfm ratings
2 – Fin system = 16 cfm @ 120 PSI
4 – Fin system = 24 cfm @ 120 PSI
6 – Fin system = 33 cfm @ 120 PSI

Non-Zero-Speed Stabilizers can be powered with an engine driven compressor. Which can be directly coupled to your main engines or belt driven.

Zero-Speed Stabilizers (optional) will require a minimum of a 12kw generator @230VAC. This will have a complete stand-alone compressor.