Unlike any other brand, Gyro-Gale has a very intelligent design, which makes retrofitting easy

Installation Process:

  • Allocate where fins will be mounted
  • Drill the center hole for the inner tube in the hull
  • Mount the outer plate against the hull and align
  • Allocate the locations for the thru-bolt holes and drill
  • Sand the hull to the gel-coat, wipe clean with acetone.
  • Wipe clean the top surface of outer plate apply 5200 adhesive
  • Sandwich the hull using the inner and outer plate

Benefits of retrofitting Gyro-Gale

  • Gyro-Gale provides you with a complete stabilizer system that is DIY
  • There is no hull strengthening required or the extra expense of fiberglass work
  • Internal fin equipment is 3”, valuable space will not be lost
  • Customized to your vessel’s performance specs
  • Proven to reduce your vessel’s fuel consumption
  • Manual Steering or Auto Pilot assistance
  • Maintain most efficient course to destination