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Service & Routine Maintenance

Your Stabilizer Maintenance For The Gyro-Gale

A. Stabilizer Maintenance

Maintenance of the Gyro-Gale Stabilizers consists entirely of insuring that clean dry air reaches the control unit. The air tank has a drain cock to drain the condensate water in the tank. In addition the filter/lubricator unit has an automatic water separator followed by a lubricator which injects a fine mist of oil in the stream of air to insure adequate lubrication of all components of the system. Thus, the system requires minimum maintenance, nevertheless the following are some steps to insure perfect performance:

1. Check the oil level in the lubricator unit and top as required with light weight mineral oil (approximately every 400 hours of stabilizer operation).

2. Adjust springs tension in control unit to equalize the pressure readings on the top two gauges (the pressure going through amplifiers) when the gyro is in the central position. Adjustment should be carried out only if the pressure differential exceeds 10 psi. The control unit is the brain of the system. If the unit appears to be malfunctioning, please remove from bulkhead and send back to the factory for tuning at no cost to you. Do not attempt to repair or adjust the control unit beyond this step.

3. Check for free movement of fins by rotating the hex shaft back and forth.

B. Replacement of Complete Filter Package

Once every 12-24 months the following filters must be replaced, please call Gyro-Gale to re-order the ?Complete Filter Package?:

  • – Dryer cartridge & filter
  • – Breather on compressor
  • – Micro-Filter
  • – Muffler on control unit

C. Replacement of Fin Seal Kit

Once every 5-8 years, the following fin seals must be replaced, please call Gyro-Gale to re-order the ?Fin Seal Kit?:

  • – Upper Seal (2)
  • – Lower Seal (2)
  • – Fin Seal (1)

D. Every 30 Days

  • – Drain the air tank.
  • – Check mineral oil level lubricator.


** Failure to change your Filter Package will result in contamination of the gyroscope (brain of the system), and ultimately contamination of the system. Gyro-Gale Stabilizers run on nothing but clean air. Keep that air clean.

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