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Start Up Electronic Gyro

How To Start Up and Shut Down Electronic Gyro

1) Start-up STBD engine, allow up to 1 minute for pressure to build up in tank and one purge cycle occurs.

2) Make sure Electronic Gyro is plugged into socket. Turn on Electronic Gyro by pressing the black button on the right side of the electronic gyro box.

3) Once on bridge switch on the stabilizers.

4) When the front of the gyro is moved to port side, the port fin will go up and the starboard fin will go down. When you reverse the movement of the gyro, the fins will reverse their actions. If the fins do not follow this sequence, it means that the green and red tubing are reversed at the control unit.

4) Check to make sure the pressure is up and fairly equal.

5. Enjoy your trip!

Shut Down of Electronic Gyro

1) Turn off STBD engine.

2) Leave stabilizers running, to allow the pressure in the tank to go to ZERO.

3) Turn off Electronic Gyro via the black button.

4) Switch off stabilizers.

5) Enjoy your Stay!

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