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Testing Procedure

The Testing Procedure For The Gyro-Gale Stabilizers

1. Reverse the red and green tubing at the control unit.

2. Put the vessel at cruising speed, turn the stabilizers ON and allow 30 seconds for the gyro to pick up its speed. Gently move the gyro to one side then release it quickly. The vessel will roll approximately 20 degrees,the vessel should roll back and forth on its own. If the vessel does not maintain the roll, increase the sensitivity of the system (by increasing the gyro speed) through the pressure inserted on the rotor in an increment of one psi at a time. Repeat the roll test until you maintain a steady roll.

3. When the roll test is completed, reverse the green and red tubing at the control unit to normal position.

4. The switch on the bridge control panel is the only control necessary to operate the stabilizer. Whatever the weather, sea condition, or speed of the vessel.


** It is recommended to have a Gyro-Gale Engineer during sea trial.

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