Why Choose us

Why Choose Our Gyro Stabilizers for Boats and Yachts?

The Key to successful stability is to STOP the ROLL before it begins. Hydraulic systems require massive fins and dangerously high levels of pressure to push oil fast enough to slow down the roll. Powered by air, our marine gyro stabilizers for yachts and boats get it done CLEANER, SAFER AND FASTER!

“…being a previous owner of a Hatteras 48 LRC with hydraulic stabilizers… in various sea conditions. these stabilizers being pneumatic, they react a great deal faster than the hydraulic systems…”

“…Some of my friends have told me about some ugly problems they have had with their hydraulic systems like leaks…”

Electronic Gyro:

  • Smarter, Faster and Stronger response time
  • Automatically corrects roll and list
  • Installed at the helm for optimal vessel control
  • Precision control without user input at Zero-Speed, Cruising and High Speed
  • Stabilizers are operational within seconds

The Air:

  • Non-Flammable
  • Medium pressure (90-120 PSI)
  • On/Off simple operation
  • Ambient Temperature (90-100 degrees F)
  • Clean and Dry
  • Unlimited reservoir (If you ever bust an air tube, no mess, no loss of fluid, no problem)
  • Extremely fast
  • First system world-wide to be capable of controlling multiple fins on a vessel (4-fin and 6-fin systems)

Fin design:

  • No loss in vessel handling (operator or via auto-pilot)
  • Guaranteed no Speed Loss
  • Hand crafted and designed for strength and performance
  • Light weight
  • Simple installation
  • Break away design – Sudden impact to fin at high speeds will break away from hull – saving it from any damage or water intrusion
  • No need to be locked when reversing or docking

NOTE: “…few advantages I have seen with the system:

  • Breakaway fins prevent damage to the hull.
  • System may be turned on or off while at any speed, no jerky response or sudden heal.
  • There is no need for a speed lockout because as the vessel speed increases the fin travel decreases automatically…”

Customer Service:

  • 24/7 customer service
  • No operators or machines
  • No wait time
  • No hassle
  • We treat our customers and give them the best service and we can show for it any day of the week

“…thank you very much for a great system and your exceptional customer service.”

“…Every time I have had a question I have been able to get Mr. Metwally or someone in his office to provide timely, accurate support…”

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