The Multi Fin System

Multi Fin System on Boat Stabilizers

Having a 4-Fin or a 6-Fin system on your boat depends on two main characteristics; speed and vessel size.

Does my boat qualify for a multi-fin system?

Vessels that qualify for a 4-fin system:




Max Speed: Length:
15 Knots 48″ minimum
16 Knots or greater 58″- 85″

Vessels that qualify for a 6-fin system:

16 Knots and above 90″-160″

What are the benefits of a multi-fin system?

  • Less stress on the hull
  • No added drag or speed loss with these units
  • Multiple point support system for the vessel over its entire length
  • Increased speed due to trapping more green water under the hull
  • Roll Stabilization
  • Reduction in Pitch motions
  • Reduction in Yawing
  • Very effective ride control from following seas
  • Much better vessel tracking