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The New Tab-Fin

New Tab-Fin for Boat Stabilizers

tabfinasmaa2The Tab-Fin has achieved great success across all three phases of stability; zero-speed, cruising speed and high speed. We spent every bit of 5 years designing, testing and perfecting the performance of this fin to allow us to achieve the greatest amount of lift and also allow all our current customers the accessibility to retrofit this work of art to their existing systems.

The Tab-Fin Advantage:

  • Power (It has 3x the lifting power of a standard fin of equal size)
  • Reaction speed is unmatched
  • Double acting foils
  • Mechanically operated
  • Less deflection require to stop the roll
  • Excellent performance at anchor stability
  • Simple installation
  • Light weight

“Dear Zeyad, I want to express my appreciation to you and your father for your personal attention, and installation of the new Gyrogale stabilizers with upgraded “finlets”. I have noticed a quicker response time and better overall stability, including following seas, and slower speeds. Again thank you, and all the best!”

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