Top 5 Prelaunch Boating Safety Tips

If you love being out on the water, you know how troubling it can be to find yourself stranded on the waves with a malfunctioning boat. Many people assume their boat is in pristine shape because it?s newer or it ran well the last time.

However, there are many risks that could happen while your boat is at rest. Ensure you and your loved ones are safer on?your next excursion?with these?practical tips (in no particular order).

Boating Safety Tip #1: Check the Electrical System

Before you head out on your next boating adventure, it’s important to check your boat?s electrical system. The electrical system act?as the central nervous system for your water-craft. If the electrical system isn?t properly functioning, you and your passengers are at great risk. Among the greatest risk of electrical malfunction is fire. Unfortunately,?these boaters visiting Palm Beach County found out the hard way. A digital multimeter, an inexpensive tool, will?tell you a lot about what?s going on in the electrical system.

Boating Safety Tip #2: Check Fluid Levels

There?s no worse feeling than being miles from a gas station while your gas gauge is in the red. Or when you start to smell something burning and can?t quite remember when you last checked the oil. Not checking the fluid levels regularly can leave you stranded in deep water.

Boating Safety Tip #3: Check Boat Stabilizers

No one enjoys being out on rough waters. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can be dangerous. Always check to make sure your air dryer is purging at the proper pressure and that the maintenance schedule is in order. With the right marine gyro stabilizers, you reduce your risk of seasickness, getting home safely in rough weather or worse, watching your investment sink.

Our pneumatic gyro stabilizers for boats breakaway upon heavy impact by any floating or non-moving underwater structure. With our stabilizers, you don?t have to worry about damage to the stabilizers altering any chance of your vessel keeping course on the water.

Boating Safety Tip #4: Check and Drain Air Tanks in the Pressurized Freshwater System

If you’re embarking on a long voyage, you want to be sure your pressurized freshwater system is in working order. Since this system provides you with fresh water for drinking, showering, and cleaning up messes, you won?t want to be without it. It is important to drain the air tanks on occasion. Also,?check the hoses to make sure everything is clean and fully functional.

Boating Safety Tip #5: Ask the USCG for a Free Vessel Safety Check

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) offers courtesy safety checks for personal boats to keep everyone safe on the seas. A vessel safety check helps to ensure you are following state and federal regulations to maximize your safety. They even come to your location for your convenience.

Considering every aspect of your boat works together to keep things running smooth, regular maintenance and safety checks are the keys to enjoying your investment. Want info on how gyro stabilizers can help you have a more enjoyable (and safe) time sailing? Call our experts today at 772-283-1711!? Our gyro stabilizer installers in Stuart serve Martin County, as well as surrounding counties including Palm Beach and Broward. We also ship our stabilizers across the country.