How to Choose Boat Stabilizers Systems

Cruiser Vessels –

95% of cruiser and trawler owners that I have come across are either spending a great deal of time living aboard, plan on living aboard and are very hands on when it comes to their home on the water.

What you look for most in a product; do I need it? Will my wife enjoy the boat more? Will we enjoy our long cruises more? Because we all know when owning a cruiser vessel it is not the destination that we are so eager to enjoy but the journey along the way.

Gyro Gale packs that comfort and peace of mind along on the journey. When you equip your vessel with Gyro Gale you are eliminating many factors that you would normally have to consider when planning your trip.


I am here to tell you since I installed the Gyro-Gale System my wife has not been sea sick one single time in the entire 12 years”…”such a flat smooth ride over the lumps that we are so aware can spoil an otherwise great cruise. I do not hesitate to tell anyone that asks me that I think Gyro-Gale is a great system and works as well as advertised. I can explain how as well.”

“We just completed our 6,000 mile 5 month trip and your stabilizers did a fantastic job in the 12-15 foot waves…”

“…Now quartering stern waves are fun, I actually surf them with no wandering compared to the way it was before stabilization. Obviously, what we are all concerned about is roll. Not just from beam seas, but also from those close passes you get from some sport fish captains throwing three foot wakes…” 


M/Y Vessels –

Whether you are tied up at the dock or anchored out in the harbor soaking up the last bit of sun. Your skylounge has endless memories to offer when your boat is equipped with Gyro Gale Stabilizers. Fast acting Zero-Speed stabilizers to keep you and your guests enjoying every ounce of time. If you are planning a long trip across the open seas and are looking to cover some serious ground that too is covered with Gyro Gale.


“…The tab fin gives much greater control than the non-tab. At rest control is unbelievable until you experience it. It completely removes the roll to provide a very enjoyable at anchor environment.”

“…• System may be turned on or off while at any speed, no jerky response or sudden heal”


Sport Fishing Boats –

Performance, Speed, Control and Hot Action is what any sportfish owner looks for when trying to land the big catch. Gyro Gale offers the stabilizers for your adventures. Our TAB-FIN stabilizers not only gives you that extremely fast and powerful lift to keep you on track but is installed in the best possible locations to make sure your vessels performance gets an upgrade.


“…In rough Gulf Stream waters we did find an increase of speed of one to one and one half knots. This can be noted by simply activating the stabilizers.

“I have operated vessels with other types of stabilizers, two other types to be exact, and yours won, hands down. Where others cut sea-conditions 50%-60%, the Quadra-Fin Stabilizers improved this to 90%. They are far more efficient and I found myself telling other captains about the superiority of your product. I think they are the best.”