Being on a boat and enjoying the vast ocean and the amazing marine life it has to offer is a pastime that almost everyone enjoys. Whether you like to try to catch a prized fish, soak up some sun, enjoy a day on the water with family and friends, or just experience some time to yourself, taking a boat on the ocean fits your needs.

When you own a motor yacht, no matter what size, the boat’s stabilizer system is an essential piece of equipment. Your stabilizer system affects your safety and also affects the type of weather you can take your boat out in. When you have a dependable stabilizing system, you have more leeway to take out your boat in less desirable weather.

This is why your boat needs to have an air-powered stabilizer system installed. With misconceptions about air power being compressible or weak, let’s take a look at what they are and why you should have stabilizers powered by air on your boat.

How do air-powered stabilizers work?

Air-powered stabilizers use cold, dry and highly compressed air to push and pull, doubling the acting actuators on each fin. Why does the air need to be cold? When air is cooled, the molecules create a tight bond, making the air much denser, creating a fluid that is not turbulent or compressible. In return, the air becomes very efficient and powerful. 

After the cooling phase, the air is then cleaned and dried through a filtration sequence to assure the air going through the stabilizer equipment is not contaminated. This air is then compressed to 120psi, delivering a very fast, powerful, controlled force to move the stabilizer fins, which results in a very stable boat in rough sea conditions. Even at this stage, the air has a small percentage of compressibility, and this comes to your advantage. Because of this cushioning effect, you do not get jerked by the stabilizers. Instead, there is some give, which creates a very smooth cruising experience.

What other air-powered applications are used successfully?

There are air power applications we all see or use on a regular basis that we never even think about. Buses, trucks, and trains use air-powered brakes. Large passenger aircrafts land on tires filled with air. Compressed air also has applications in space by helping get the rockets off the ground.

Gyro-Gale’s air-powered boat stabilizers are perfect for your needs!

For 43 years, Gyro-Gale has turned doubters into believers one boat at a time. Stabilizers powered by air offer you so much more than hydraulics do as far as safety and power, as you’ll see in part two(link to post after you post part 2) of Why Every Boat Should Have Air-Powered Stabilizers. Call us today at 772-283-1711 to learn more about Gyro-Gale and how to get your boat fitted with air-powered stabilizers.