Everyone wants a boat ride that is relaxing and enjoyable. Whether on a fishing boat or a huge yacht, a trip on the ocean is guaranteed to take away your stress and make for an amazing day. A key aspect of this is ensuring your boat is as stable as it can be and that it provides a smooth ride even in adverse conditions. 

This desire for a smooth ride is one of the reasons that so many people are switching to air-powered stabilizers and giving up their outdated hydraulic ones. Here, we continue to take another look at how air-powered stabilizers can make your boat ride better.

Why are air-powered stabilizers better than hydraulics?

A hydraulic system is dependent upon sensors to cause the system to respond. These are aside from the initial sensors that feel the boat’s rolling motion. These sensors cause a delay, which is part of the reason why hydraulic controlled stabilizers cause those onboard to feel that annoying jerking occasionally.

Hydraulic systems have the nasty inevitability of leaks. When these leaks occur, not only does the system have to be immediately shut down for loss of power, but for the mess that follows.

Air-powered stabilizers are free from all of the above. The only sensors required are the ones that feel the vessel’s motion. The air naturally expands or compresses in the actuators depending on vessel speed and magnitude of the roll to provide a very smooth, harmonic ride.

And, of course, all systems will experience leaks from time to time. What could be the drawback of an air leak? Absolutely nothing. They may lose some efficiency should a leak occur, but you can carry on with your trip and fix it later. There is no reservoir to fill, there is no mess to clean, and troubleshooting has never been easier.

Why do Gyro-Gale’s exclusive tab-fins make a difference?

Gyro-Gale’s tab-fins have an articulating tail on the back of the fin. Therefore when the tab-fin swings inboard or outboard it drives the water in two directions. Other systems only push the water in a single direction. When comparing an equal size one-directional fin can only get 100 pounds of lift, while the exclusive tab-fins can achieve 300 pounds of lift. 

The two-directional foil operates similarly to an aileron on an airplane. The aileron is that little fin on the wing of a plane that goes up and down. They cause a lift increase when up, and a decrease when down, giving the pilot more control of the plane. This is similar to how our tab fins work.

Don’t just take our word for it. Come experience Gyro-Gale’s one-of-a-kind air-powered boat stabilizers for yourself!

If you experience the difference for yourself, you never are going to want to go back to a hydraulic stabilizer again. Call us today at 772-283-1711 to schedule an appointment to experience the air-powered boat stabilizer difference.